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8 Hot Trends in Online Marketing for 2014

The Internet is the #1 tool customers use to find a local business. 

Which means that the search engines will still remain a big part of the equation to consider in your digital media and SEO strategies. As a business owner or entrepreneur, the impact that the Internet can have on your business is so vast, that it just cannot be ignored.

As 2013 just finished – we felt that it would be good form to share our list of the 8 Hot Trends that we predict will be the strongest methods to use to optimize your online marketing efforts in 2014. Here they are:

1.  Content marketing – (blogs, social content, videos, reports, articles, press releases, etc.) is an absolute must for small, medium and large businesses, as content helps build authority and creates an access point to engage with your audience.

2.  Social media marketing – will become more heavily utilized by businesses and will include the usual suspects such as Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. New analytics tools will become a big part of the picture here, too.

3.  Mobile optimization – the number of mobile devices just overtook the number of PCs world-wide. Going mobile is no longer a question – it’s a necessity. Responsive design will become standard practice for all new media developments.

4.  Ad Remarketing/Retargeting – even though this marketing method has been around for several years, it will finally take hold in a major way as a great tool to improve conversions and expand your marketing dollar further.

5.  Paid social advertising – leveraging paid ads on the major social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) will rise and traditional website banner ads will decrease.

6.  Images and videos – as the likes of Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube continue to proliferate – images and videos will be a big part of the content marketing arsenal.

7.  Search engine visibility – search engine rankings are still a huge part of the online marketing equation and it will be a requirement for businesses to survive. SEO will be mandatory to reach any type of online success.

8. Simplicity and authenticity – keeping it simple and being real should be a standard operating procedure for every company. Unfortunately, most companies screw that up. This will become the new mantra for 2014 as the conflux of all the media channels and marketing methods has created a lot of noise and confusion. Those that keep it real will be on the path for online success and build a real presence.

Well, there you have it folks – the big 8 for 2014. Now that it’s all laid out, it’s time to take action and make it happen. New clients are around the corner, the question is – will they become yours or somebody else’s?

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